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By choosing Bulgaria you first of all take care of yourself - it's contribution to the health and comfort!

roza1-2Bulgaria is for those who like a quiet, relaxing and healthy holiday: no fuss, calm way of life, clean air and delicious organic food, as well as a huge opportunity for an inexpensive, but effective treatment - mineral water, mud, unique air (the combination of mountain, sea and woods).

Bulgaria is very beautiful and interesting country - clear sea and sandy beaches of the Black Sea coast, the beautiful views of the sea, high rocky mountains to the ski slopes of central Bulgaria, as well as many parks and nature reserves, waterfalls, caves, mineral springs, ancient monuments and more, much more! Every time you come to Bulgaria you will find something new to do and see!

Bulgaria has low property prices and its maintenance. Currently, property prices in Bulgaria are among the lowest in Europe. After Bulgaria became a full member of the EU since 01.01.2007, there was a sharp rise in property prices, as in all countries, that the latter joined the European family.

Investments in real estate in Bulgaria is safe. It is guaranteed by law which clearly regulates the property deals. Speaking of security, it is worth mentioning that in Bulgaria it is just safe - crime rate is low, traffic rules are respected, people are friendly.

Soft Bulgarian tax legislation making profitable investments in real estate. For example, in neighboring Greece high taxes make Greek real estate is not so appealing even with the current fall in prices. Bulgaria - not a rich country, therefore the price level of all goods and services is low enough. The tax rates are among the lowest in Europe.

Bulgaria is a well known tourist destination.

Bulgaria is one of the leading summer tourist destinations. Tourists are attracted by the endless sandy beaches, warm sea, the possibility of spa procedures. There are more than 500 mineral springs in Bulgaria. Skiing conditions are perfect in winter. Every year the number of tourists increased by an average of 15-20%. Recreational tourism gains popularity and makes Bulgaria attractive to visit all year round.

The continuous gradual increase in the market value of the purchased property is a good opportunity for profitable rental.

Bulgaria is an incredibly beautiful country! On a relatively small territory it combines nature here: sandy beaches, warm sea, vast forests, high mountains, numerous lakes and abundance of mineral springs. Almost every town has ancient monuments - palaces, monasteries and just a beautiful old streets.

Bulgaria is almost ecologically clean country! There are few factories and large production companies and all of them are located in remote areas and not in any way affect the nature.

Mild climate of Bulgaria makes its summer not very hot and winter not too cold, the average summer temperature is +26 C in winter +10 C.