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Property types in Bulgaria

What features of the measurement  of an apartment/house area in Bulgaria you need to know?

In general in Bulgaria there are no dedicated kitchen room, the apartment has a living room, corridor and bathroom and this is studio and apartments just have added bedrooms. The apartments usually have a spacious living room with kitchen area and a small bedroom area.

metrazStudios can still be called a studio, atelie, boksonera. Apartments on the top floor usually have sloping ceilings sometimes around the corner. This market segment has experienced extremely strong demand, and sold quickly. Apartments in cities and big towns are also bought for rent all year round as there are many students and visiting people who are willing to rent for the long term.

Area is describes as the total and the living area. This applies to new properties. In old buildings it is indicated only living area, which does not include a balcony!

Total area - is the area of the apartment plus a share of the common areas (hallways, lobbies, stairwells, elevator shafts, attics). The common parts of the building are on average 10 - 20% of the apartments.

Living area - is the area of the apartment, including bathrooms and balconies / terraces. But there is a feature! Entering the client an apartment often notices that a few meters can miss - this is due to the fact that the area is specified based on the thickness of the walls: Bulgarians measures the not around the inside perimeter of the walls, and from the middle of masonry, therefore living area will be a few meters less than specified, detailed calculation depends on the location in the building.

In most cases the price per square meter is calculated by the developers for the total area. Therefore, comparing the cost per square meter you need to pay attention which area is taken into account.