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South Beach apartments for rent
from 40 € a day
Apartments in Saint Vlas
  • South Beach apartments for rent

    The complex is located 100 meters from the beach and Yacht port "Marina Dinevi".

    "South Beach" consists of 87 apartments. The buildings are located around a large summer garden, where there are stone tables and chairs for relaxation and entertainment. The complex is built in the style of "Late Baroque" with impressive views of the sea and the yacht port "Marina Dinevi".

    The complex has two swimming pools, a restaurant with a summer garden, store, and secure parking.


    Restaurant / Cafe
    Shop 50 m
    Church 150m
    Amphitheatre 150 m
    Spa center 100 m
    Internet, cable TV and telephone
    Air conditioning
    Bus stop 0 m
    Disco / Nightclub 150 m
    Casino 150 m
    Airport 35 km

    Apartment type
    Low season
    10.05 – 12.06
    05.09 – 10.10
    Mid season
    13.06 – 29.06
    29.08 – 04.09
    High season
    30.06 – 28.08
    Апартамент с 1 спальней (4)
    40 € a day
    55 € a day
    70 € a day
    Апартамент с 2 спальнями (6)
    59 € a day
    79 € a day
    100 € a day

    About Saint Vlas

    Saint Vlas was founded in the second century as a Thracian settlement with the name "Larissa", in the 14th century is named after St. Vlas - stockman, witch doctor and patron of merchants. In the years of Ottoman rule several names of the village has been used and all of them are connected to the monasteries around the village. The Turks called it Kucuk monastery, and in the registers is entered as the village monastery.


    Saint Vlas is famous for St. Athanasius the Great Temple. The church was built in 1864. This temple, together with a nearby chapel dedicated to the same patron as well as the monastery churches and Vlaherna St. Andrew.

    The perfect combination of the Balkan mountains and the sea with unique climate are favorable to the curative climatic effects on pulmonary diseases. The beach strip is with a total length of approximately 1.5 kilometers and an average width of 15 meters. The main beaches are the Central (from camp site to the complex Sineva Palace), small (camp - on the Sun Palace complex to Reviera) and the beach to the new marina - marina (under the monastery complex). In the eastern part of the beach is located the water base of the local fishermen and next to it a modern yacht port. The area where the village is located is the largest in Bulgaria's tourist map.

    In practice, it is the unrecognized Bulgarian Riviera, which is formed by Aheloy, Ravda, Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas, Paradise Beach (Robinson) and Elenite. It is believed that in the near future this huge incredible tourist zone will reach the Cape of Emine, which is located 5 km from Saint Vlas.

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