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Custom building

building-bigMany of us dream to live in their own cottage, with a big yard and garden, on their own land, not crowded with neighbors, in a clean  and quiet place. Many find it expensive and consider it a risky business. But it is not so!

We offer you to build your dream home for yourself, according to your own personal needs and your preferences. Why build, rather than buy finished house with a plot?

  • building for yourself you can choose the layout and all the details so it will be a house of your dreams!
  • building a new house is more profitable than buying a finished one!
  • to build a house from the ground up "to the key" will take only about 6 months! (Including the execution of all construction permits)

We offer:

  • land plots with all the communications in good places;
  • contract with the construction company for the construction of your house and control of the process. Construction is carried out by a company with a good name on the market with a great portfolio of already executed orders.

We offer plots in villages with developed infrastructure, in 3-15 km from the sea, and coastal towns and cities. 

Very important thing is the quality of construction. It is for permanent residence, and is targeted to the cold weather with intalled modern heating systems will allow the household to save on heating.

Examples of houses build by the company.

For investors!

Investments in real estate and construction - the most popular, profitable and reliable. Investing in real estate in Bulgaria, you avoid bureaucratic procedures, Bulgarian registration easier and faster, and the construction time is shorter due to a favorable climate. Strong demand for such housing will ensure its quick sale and return on investment. We offer plots in areas with already developed infrastructure, so property will always be liquid, and its cost will not depend on the region's development plan.