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Buying process

Bulgarian legislation allows the purchase of real estate by foreign persons in its territory. pokupkaThe process of buying property in Bulgaria is well-organized. To buy an apartment is usually not necessary to register a company, and you can directly buy the apartment. In case of buying land or a house with a land plot or garden, you need to set up a Bulgarian limited company. You will be the company's owner and real estate will be your respectively.

1. Selection of apartments, houses or other type of real estate: We present you properties according to your requirements. Write down what you have seen and then choose the best, all carefully considered. Ask all your questions (you can pre-write so nothing will be forgetten), discuss payment scheme, possible discounts, etc.

We live in Bulgaria and will help you decide, tell about possibilities, hot offers, describe places and infrastructure, the quality of the building etc.

2. Checking the legal purity of the property: Real estates we offer for sale are checked by our lawyers. On the subject you choose, we offer a notarial deed for the land, building permit, certificate of non-encumbrance and acts of construction readiness (if available).

3. Reservation of the apartment: The sum of the reservation fee is usually between 1 000 and 2 000 euros (sometimes more, depending on the seller and the mutual agreement). Reservation fee can be paid in cash or by bank transfer from any bank.

* We reccomend that the payment of the reservation fee is made directly in the developers's office so the property will be off sale and the price will remain unchanged.

**Important: The reservation fee is not refundable if you change your mind and cancel your purchase. Reservation fee can not be transferred to another developer. Reservation fee is included in the price of the property.

4. The signing of the Preliminary Contract: Preliminary contract of sale is prepared in Bulgarian and English languages. The priority has the Bulgarian version. All disputes are resolved by agreement the place of finding the object of the contract, ie in Bulgaria. The preliminary contract is individual for each complex.

*Important: Be sure to check your data, bank details for payment and payment schedules.

5. The signing of the notarial deed: After you have made the last payment on the preliminary agreement a date for notary deed signing is appointed.

*Important: Tell us about the intention to come for the deed no later than 15-20 days before the scheduled trip. Notify us of the change in your documents ( passport change, residence permit, etc.). This information is required for everyone who will be in the title deed.

**The signing takes place at a local notary, who is in the property area. Buyer and seller sign a notary deed, which is legally final contract for the sale of the apartment.

Buyer pays:
- property price
- 4-6% - notary fee, taxes and lawyer fee.

6. Registration in tax office and Bulstat: Within two weeks, the owner of the property must be registered in the BULSTAT and put the apartment on the account to the tax office at the municipality.

Additionally, we can offer you after-sales service, depending on your requirements and for additional fee. This service may include insurance, accounting services for your company, construction and renovation, payment for utilities (electricity, water), and others.