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Burgas is situated in 132 km from Varna, 272 km from Plovdiv and 392 km from Sofia. It is located in the most western part of Bourgas Bay and is surrounded by 3 lakes - the Burgas, Atanassovsko and Mandrensko. The sity os Burgas is well known for pleasant and healthy climate with mild winters and long sunny summers. Burgas's famous beaches with dark sands have proven therapeutic effect. In the district of Vetren there are mineral baths combined with mud from Atanasovsko lake provide excellent conditions for rest and recovery.


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ТранспортTransportation: Bourgas has excellent location. The city has excellent sea road as well as the airport which operates all year round and is a convenient means of transportation both abroad and locally. Flying on a plane from Sofia takes about half an hour. Bourgas railway station offers routes for all areas in the country. There are several bus stations in Burgas offering regular bus lines in all directions of the country. Burgas and Sofia connects the highway passing through the country allowing convenient and fast puteshevstvovat throughout Bulgaria.

ИсторияHistory: Bourgas is the successor of the late Roman town Deultum founded by Emperor Vespasian. In the Middle Ages there was a small fortress called Pyrgos and only in the XVI century Burgas received its current name it was named Ahelo-Burgas. It became the center of the southern Black Sea coast and a city with a well-organized infrastructure. A railroad was built from Burgas in 1903.

Sights and Landmarks: The District History Museum was founded in 1925. There is also the Archaeology hall with a rich collection of objects from the old colonies of the Black Sea, as well as exhibits of more recent history. Art Gallery was founded in 1945.

Seaside Park is located on the high bank with lots of flower beds, trees and sculptures. The park has a summer theater which hosts the International folklore festival every year and pop festival "Golden Orpheus". The central beach is by the seaside park.

Алтарь в церкви Св Кирилла и МефодияCathedral Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius is located in the central part of the city and is very interesting for its marvelous frescos and wooden altar.

The Ethnographic Museum's interesting collection of traditional Kuker's masks, households items and ritual attributes. Natural Science Museum contains a number of exhibits, telling about the geological features of the land and the region's flora and fauna. There are more than 1,200 exhibits of insects and reptiles.

Philharmonic, Opera and Dramatic Theater are placed in three separate buildings and function all year round. In addition to the puppet theater, they attach to the cultural image of the city for interesting concerts and performances.

An interesting point of interest in Burgas is an Armenian Church located close to "Bulgaria" hotel. It was built in 1855 by the local Armenians supported by Bulgarians.