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Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz Burgas

Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz is located in the center of Bourgas on the seafront in the seaside city park. The hotel has a restaurant, bar, spa and swimming pool. Many rooms have direct views of the sea. It is a 5-minute walk from the central pedestrian street Alexandrovska.

Price from 100 €/day

Al. Batenberg 2, Burgas 8000

Reception: +359 56 812 345

Atagen hotel Burgas

Atagen Hotel is located in the city center of Burgas, just 10 minutes walk from a quiet beach. The hotel has a restaurant and a gift shop. The is a big fitness center near the hotel as well as the shops of mobile operators, restaurant, church, etc.

Price from 30 €/day.

129 San Stefano str., Burgas 8000

Reception: +359 56 812 218

Hotel Aqua - Burgas

Hotel Aqua is located in Lazur quarter, Burgas city. Located near the seaside park, only a 10-minute walk from the city center and a short drive from shopping center Galleria Burgas. The hotel has a restaurant, a spa center and an indoor pool.

Prices from 33 €/day.

Demokracia blvd., complex Lazur Burgas 8000 Bulgaria

Reception: +359 56 833 535

Imperial hotel Primorsko

Imperial Hotel is located on the main street of Primorsko. Not far away is the bus station, water park, the sea and the town center about 5 minutes on foot. The hotel has a decent restaurant, spa and fitness center.

Price from 23 (32 in summer) €/day

Iglika 1, Primorsko 8180

Reception: +359 55 033 170