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Nessebar municipality is located in an area with unique natural conditions. It combines the sea and the mountains and coastline stretches for 50km. Within the municipality there are two protected areas Irakli and Kalinata. Here there are the unique sand dunes and a rich variety of plant species.

The climate of the area is temperate continental with strong influence of the Black Sea and is much less pronounced by the Mediterranean air currents.


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Nessebar is a town located in southeastern Bulgaria and is the administrative center of the municipality of Nessebar Burgas region.

It is located in 34 km north-east from the city of Burgas. Sunny Beach is the largest sea resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast is situated to the north and the famous spa resort of Pomorie is to the South.

The temperature is characterized by moderately hot summers (average July temperature is + 23,1 ° C) and moderately cold winters. Constant breeze brings cool air on hot summer days. The proximity of the sea determines a high relative humidity. Nesebar has about 300 days of sunshine a year.


Nessebar is a modern resort with well organized infrastructure.

There is a well-developed transport infrastructure with urban and interurban transport, many private companies offer flights to almost anywhere in the country and some international transfers. The international airport of Burgas is just 30 km from Nessebar. The nearest train station (Burgas) is 35 km from Nessebar.

Nessebar Port has an important regional significance and is used exclusively for passenger and recreational tourist cruises. There are two berths and a marina with a border crossing point and the State Inspectorate of Shipping.


In the Archaeological Museum are presented and preserved numerous finds from the excavations of the old part of the town and its environs. At the entrance to the museum is Unesco diploma of inscribing "Ancient Nessebar" to the list of World Heritage (1983). The exhibition is divided between the four rooms and the lobby of the museum.

Ethnographic Museum is a two-story house Moskoyani. It is one of the most striking monuments of the time of the Bulgarian National Revival and a typical example of Nessebar residential architecture of the late period of the Bulgarian Revival. It organized an ethnographic exhibition "Costumes and fabrics Burgas region"  one of the richest and most valuable collections in the thematic area.


The town of Nessebar is divided into 2 parts: the new and the old town.

Administrative life is concentrated in the new part of Nessebar distinguished for its modern architecture. Hotels, guest houses and private apartments in a contemporary style in keeping with the latest trends in tourism.

To the north and south of the city there are wide beaches with natural sand dunes. There are excellent conditions for boating and small boats, fishing, water sports and recreation.

The old town is actually an ancient town built on a small rocky peninsula connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus. Here are preserved valuable monuments of different eras - the remains of the fortress walls from Roman times and the Middle Ages, old Byzantine and Bulgarian churches and homes from the National Revival (18-19th centuries).

Nessebar is a real historical treasure of Bulgaria and in 1956 it was declared a city museum as architectural and archeological reserve.

Beautiful historic town atmosphere combined with an excellent tourist infrastructure are an excellent prerequisite for an unforgettable vacation.